Pond administration



The Pond Administration manages a total of 338 ha of ponds in the Dobříšsko and Zbirožsko regions. Organizationally, it is divided into two fishing centers (Dobříš and Zbiroh). Both centers have nurseries and breeding focuses on traditional species of fish for domestic and foreign markets. Our goal is to breed quality and healthy fish that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Zbiroh Pond Administration

The Zbiroh Pond Administration manages an area of 238 ha, which includes 25 ponds from Rokycany to Žebrák. The largest pond of the administration is Štěpán Pond in the Rokycany region. It has an area of 52 ha and a volume of approximately 1.3 million m3 of water. The second-largest pond is Cekov Pond, which has an area of 44 ha, followed by the Kařez dolní Pond with an area of 37 ha. Some ponds are part of specially protected areas, e.g. the system of Kařez Ponds is a natural monument with an area of about 66 ha and Labutinka Pond in Osek near Rokycany is a site of European importance Osek – Labutinka Pond in the so-called NATURA 2000 system, with an area of about 14 ha.

Our total production at Zbiroh is around 1200 to 1400 q of fish, of which about 96% is common carp, 4% are other types of fish, such as grass carp, pike, zander, tench, whitefish (i.e. common roach and common rudd), and wels catfish. About 2/3 of our products will be exported to foreign markets in Germany, France, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, and the remaining 1/3 will be used on the domestic market, either directly for customer consumption or stocking our districts.

The center in Zbiroh also sells live fish, incl. American grayling or rainbow trout, which is a pleasant change on plates, especially in the summer months when grilling. It is also possible to buy fish on the catches themselves, which traditionally take place in the autumn months.

It is also possible to organize sportfishing on the Chlumský u Volduch Pond. Authorization for this type of fishing can be purchased at the fish tanks in Zbiroh.
European Union – European Maritime and Fisheries Fund – Fisheries Operational Program.


Brief description of the project

The subject of the projects „Fishing equipment on the Hájek Pond“ and „Fishing equipment on the Nový Osek Pond“ is to ensure the main functions of waterworks – fish breeding and the acquisition of new functional equipment that will be used for fishing on breeding ponds. There will also be a backup power source for the fish tanks.


Project goal:

The projects aim to maintain sustainable fish production from traditional aquaculture.

Radek Jandera

Head of the centre

Address: Sádky Zbiroh, 338 08 Zbiroh
Telephone Number: +420 371 794 103
Mobile: +420 606 289 018

Jindřich Kučina

Dobříš Fish Tanks

Adress: ul. Partyzána Svobody 17, 263 01 Dobříš
Mobile: +420 371 794 103

Pond Administration Dobříš

The Dobříš Pond Administration manages areas of approximately 100 ha, which includes seven ponds. The largest pond in the Dobříš administration is Starohuťský Pond with an area of 34 ha, followed by the Papež Pond and Strž Pond, both with an area of approximately 17 ha. When it comes to nature and landscape protection, we can find the Pařezitý Nature Reserve with an exchange of about 10 ha, which is located on the pond of the same name.

The production of the RS Dobříš is around 500 to 600 q of fish. Here, the production mainly consists of common carp, followed by minor types of fish, such as grass carp, pike, wels catfish, tench, and whitefish (i.e. common roach and common rudd). Part of this production goes to foreign markets. The remaining fish is for restocking open waters and for direct consumption by our clients. It is possible to buy live fish here during the catches themselves, which traditionally take place mostly in the autumn months.

After the reconstruction of the discharge device on the Papež Pond, it has also been possible to purchase authorization for sportfishing on this pond at the fish tanks in Dobříš since 2016.


Papež district and Chlumský district



The photos come from the company’s archives, from Ing. Karel Krupička and Mr. Adam Karel.

Sportfishing – The Papež district

The Papež Sports District is located in Dobříš in the Central Bohemian Region. It is a private district with an area of 17.5 ha with a depth ranging from 1 m to 5 m.

The shores are grassy, easily accessible with enough space for building bivouacs or tents for families.

It is a very well-stocked district from its fish production, mainly trophy fish. Fans of various fishing techniques are pleased with our fishing spots.

While fishing in this district, you must use the CATCH and RELEASE method.

Available fish: common carp, grass carp, tench, pike, zander, wels catfish, perch, roach, rudd

Jindřich Kučina

Sádky Zbiroh

Adresa: ul. Partyzána Svobody 17, 263 01 Dobříš
Mobil: +420 371 794 103

Radek Jandera

Dobříš Fish Tanks

Tel: +420 606 289 018
E-mail: jandera.r@lesyzbiroh.cz
Zbiroh Fish Tank Area – U Čápu, 338 08 Zbiroh

Sportfishing – The Chlumský district

The Chlumský Sports District is located on the Volduchy Brook near the Radeč Nature Park in the Pilsen region. The district has an area of 2.7 ha and is stocked with fish from its production, including trophy fish (common carp, amur, catfish – CATCH and RELEASE method).

The administration is provided by the Zbiroh fishing center.

Available fish: grass carp, zander, common carp, tench, catfish, perch, and pike