Our company manages five overhead hunting grounds on forest lands Dipl. Ing. Jerome Colloredo-Mannsfeld. The Zbirož part of the property consists of the hunting grounds Vlastec and Radeč. On Dobříšsko, it consists of hunting grounds of St. Anna, Mannsfeld and Kozí Hory.

At the same time, the hunting management of mentioned hunting grounds under its circumstances helps to maintain a balanced relationship between the forest and the wild animals. Gamekeeping steward of each overhead hunting ground is the head of the forest district in whose administration the hunting ground belongs.


of game and fee hunting

Hunting Ground Vlastec

The Vlastec hunting ground is part of the Vlastec Forest District. It is also a historically famous hunting ground located in the western part of the Křivoklátská vrchovina with many protected areas, deciduous forests, and hilly terrain with romantic views. The area of this hunting ground is 3378 ha. The most significant game here is deer, mouflon, and black game.

Hunting Ground Radeč

The Radeč hunting ground is part of the Lhota Forest District and its name is derived from the name of the highest hill, Radeč, in the vicinity of which it extends. In the area of the hunting ground of 3460 ha, the species of game here mainly consist of fallow deer and mouflons, as well as the black deer.

Hunting Grounds of Saint Anna and Mannsfeld

Two consecutive hunting grounds St. Anna and Mannsfeld, located in the Dobříš part of the JCM property, are part of the St. Anna Forest District. Their border is formed by the road between the towns of Dobříš and Hostomice. The largest share of the territory of these hunting grounds is located on the southeastern part of the Brdy ridge below the hills Studený vrch and the Stožec. The area of the St. Anna Hunting Ground is 2366 ha and the area of Mannsfeld Hunting Ground is 1463 ha. The uniqueness of these hunting grounds in the whole Czech Republic is a result of the fact that white-tailed deer can be found here. This game, which is abundant in North America, was imported from there to Bohemia by the Colloredo-Mannsfeld family. The first mention of this matter comes from 1853. At that time, we would search for this rare type of deer in the free hunting grounds of Central Europe in vain. Furthermore, we keep the fallow deer in these hunting grounds. The deer and black game also occur here.

Hunting Ground Kozí Hory

The smallest overhead hunting ground is the Kozí Hora Hunting Ground located northwest of the village of Kozí Hory near Nový Knín. This hunting ground is alluring for various reasons, but mainly due to the rugged terrain with many romantic and natural secluded places and the presence of an abundant population of deer and black game. Its area is 798 ha.

In all overhead hunting grounds, we carry out fee hunts with experienced hunting guides, with the possibility of accommodation in hunting lodges in the middle of the woods or the representative premises of the hotel in the Dobříš chateau. If you are interested in hunting game in our hunting grounds, contact the hunting managers of the individual hunting grounds:

Heads of the Hunting Centre


Karel Vajs

Hunting manager for hunting St. Anna, Mannsfeld, Kozí Hory, and Head of The forest St. Anna

Telephone Number: +420 318 521 184
Mobile: +420 724 364 471

Ing. Vladimír Čížek

Head of The Vlastec forest

Telephone Number: +420 371 794 547
Mobile: +420 602 691 890

Ing. Lukáš Slabý

Head of the Lhota Forest

Telephone Number: +420 371 751 414
Mobile: +420 724 307 567



It comes from the company’s archives, from Ing. Karel Krupička and Mr. Adam Karel.