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Colloredo-Mannsfeld manages the property of Mr. Dipl. Ing. Jerome Colloredo-Mannsfeld based on concluded lease agreements. Five forests (forest production centers) within three forest management units (LHC) provide the care of 17,189 ha of forest cover.

LHC JCM Zbiroh (12,380 ha) includes the Vlastec, Trhoň and Lhota forests. The LHC JCM Dobříš (4,520 ha) manages the St. Anna Forest District. The third forest management unit is the LHC Terešov (289 ha), which was attached to the property in October 2020. It currently forms a separate forest.

St. Anne Forest District

The name of the forest district originates from the chapel of St. Anna, which is standing by the road between Dobříš and Rosovice. The residence of the forest district is near the chapel. The St. Anne Forest District is territorially separated from the major Zbirož part of the forest service and is managed by a separate forest management unit. Most of the forest area is located northwest of Dobříš, where it is part of the extensive Brdy forests. Another segment of the forests surrounds the chateau’s English garden of the Dobříš chateau and their south-eastern promontory stretches as far as the village of Kozí Hora near Nový Knín.

The total area of the forest is approximately 4520 ha. The land of the forest district is located mainly in the cadastral zoning of the town Dobříš and the municipalities of Rosovice, Buková, Kozí Hory, and Stará Huť. The highest points are the peaks of the Studený vrch (660 m above sea level), Hradec (648 m above sea level), and Roudný (637 m above sea level).

Almost the entire forest belongs to the Natural Forest Area 7- Brdská vrchovina and a smaller part belongs to the Natural Forest Area 10 – Středočeská pahorkatina. Spruce cover of the same age, founded after the black arch calamity in the 1920s, dominates the St. Anne Forest District. The aim of forest management in these covers is to increase the share of ameliorative trees, support natural regeneration, and ensure forest stability. The deciduous forests are mainly represented by oak and hornbeam (in lower locations) and beech. A place of interest is the Hradec Nature Reserve with its occurrence of old beech covers. Pine is also significantly represented.

St. Anne Forest District


Karel Vajs

Head of the Forest District

Address: Polesí Svatá Anna 300, 263 01 Dobříš
Telephone Number: +420 318 521 184
Mobile: +420 724 364 471

Forest Section 01 Jelení Palouky

Forester: Jiří Hejduk

Telephone number: +420 311 583 003
Mobile: +420 724 255 865

Forest Section 02 Buková

Forester: Václav Procházka

Telephone Number: +420 318 586 358
Mobile: +420 724 259 516

Forest Section 03 Baba

Forester: Ing. Martin Zelenka

Mobile: +420 732 105 667

Vlastec Forest District

The Vlastec Forest District is situated on 4,391 ha north of Zbiroh. Its perimeter is bordered by the villages of Žebrák, Hředle, Knížkovice, Kublov, Podmokly, Ostrovec, Lhotka, Drahoňův Ujezd, Jablečno, Líšná, Týček and Drozdov.

The altitude is in the range of 300 m above sea level (Zbirož Brook Valley) to 617 m above sea level (Těchovín).

The whole forest district belongs to the Forest Area 8 – Křivoklátsko. Most of the area is part of the PLA Křivoklátsko. The 1st zone covers 1,093 ha of the forest’s total area and includes the gene base of beech and oak (392 ha), the Kohoutov National Nature Reserve (30 ha), and the Lípa Nature Reserve (25 ha). A large portion of the area is part of the Křivoklátsko Forest Park.

The support of site-friendly ameliorative and strengthening woody plants, use of natural regeneration, and the sensitive regeneration of forest cover altogether characterize forest management.

Vlastec Forest District


Ing. Vladimír Čížek

Head of the Forest District

Address: Vlastec 24, 338 08 Zbiroh
Telephone Number: +420 371 794 547
Mobile: +420 602 691 890

Forest Section 01 Křižovatky

Forester: Tomáš Rejšek

Telephone Number: +420 378 605 509
Mobile: +420 739 566 553

Forest Section 02 Kohoutov

Forester: Milan Ineman

Mobile: +420 739 413 558

Forest Section 03 Ostrovec

Forester: Jiří Tláskal

Mobile: +420 724 264 527

Forest Section 04 Hředle

Forester: Ing. Lenka Zusková

Mobile: +420 739 413 572

Trhoň Forest District

The Trhoň Forest District is situated on 4,177 ha northeast of Rokycany and its perimeter is bordered by the villages of Volduchy, Těškov, Mýto, Kařez, Jivina, Olešná, Strašice, Dobřív, Hůrky and Svojkovice.

The altitude ranges from 400 m above sea level (Svojkovice) to 624 m above sea level. (Trhoň).

The predominant woody plant species in forest cover is spruce in sites affected by water. A characteristic feature of the covers in these sites is the reduced stability against stormy winds.

The extensive calamity of black arches in the 1920s was the cause of the uneven age distribution of cover. Random mining represents a high share of the total amount of mining. It is necessary to plant ameliorative and strengthening woody plants (30 -35%) with the support of the stability of future forest cover.

The Trhoň Forest District


Ing. Zdeněk Mrázek

Head of the Forest District

Address: Holoubkov 51, 338 01 Holoubkov
Telephone Number: +420 371 751 158
Mobile: +420 777 289 017

Forest Section 01 Holoubkov

Forester: Hynek Beneš

Mobile: +420 732 828 131

Forest Section 02 Hurky

Forester: Jakub Dyk

Mobile: +420 728 255 275

Forest Section 03 Bébrovna

Forester: Ing. Lukáš Butor

Mobile: +420 725 501 324

Forest Section 04 Olešná

Forester: Miloš Herman

Mobile: +420 724 262 729

Lhota Forest District

The Lhota Forest District is situated on 3,928 ha northeast of Rokycany and southwest of Zbiroh, its perimeter is bordered by the villages of Volduchy, Osek, Březina, Sklenná Huť, Skomelno, Sebečice, Drahoňův Újezd, Zbiroh, Kařez and Těškov. The altitude ranges from 370 m above sea level (Zbirožský Brook Valley) to 721 m above sea level (the highest peak is Radeč). The Radeč Nature Park covers most of the forest area, the smaller northern part extends into the Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area. The place of interest is The Natural Monument Rumpál in the eastern region.

Most of the forest district belongs to the Forest Area 7 – Brdská vrchovina, and its smaller northern part belongs to The Forest Area 8 – Křivoklátsko. The spruce economy of the middle positions predominates. The most frequently represented economic group is HS 43, followed by HS 45, 47, and 41.

Spruce of exceptional quality predominates the forest cover. Sites are often affected by water, which jeopardizes the stability of forest cover. The management aims to increase the stability and resilience of forest cover while supporting the production function of the forest and increasing the share of natural regeneration.

The Lhota Forest District


Ing. Lukáš Slabý

Head of the Forest District

Address: Lhota pod Radčem 27, 337 01 Rokycany
Telephone Number: +420 371 751 414
Mobile: +420 724 307 567

Forest Section 01 Těškov

Forester: Nikola Rýdl DiS.

Mobile: +420 731 151 643

Forest Section 02 Sklená Huť

Forester: Ing. Jakub Hanzlík

Mobile: +420 725 501 303

Forest Section 03 Habr

Forester: Jindřich Vokáč

Mobile: +420 724 096 412

Forest Section 04 Chotětín

Forester: Jiří Zuska

Mobile: +420 725 960 663

Terešov Forest District

The LHC Terešov was attached to the forest property in October 2020. It is a comprehensive forest management unit with an area of 289 ha bordered by the villages of Hlovičky, Terešov, Třebnuška, Ostrovec – Lhota, and Mlečice. The terrain of the forest is mainly flat to slightly sloping, part of the property consists of steep slopes above the Vejvanov Brook west of Terešov and also slopes belonging to the Zbirož Brook and above the Terešov Brook. the lowest locality is above the Zbirož Brook (340 m above sea level), the highest point is the area around the chapel at St. Vojtěch (492 m above sea level). The whole forest is located in the Natural Forest Area 8 – Křivoklátsko and Český Kras.

The conifers dominate the LHC Terešov. The main woody plant species are spruce and pine while larch and fir are also scattered around. A curiosity is the occurrence of red yew, represented in this district by over 3000 specimens. This population is located in the Nature Reserve „V Horách“ west of Terešov and is one of the biggest yew groves in Central Europe. A monument to Jan Tetřev, the original owner of a large estate in Terešov, stands on the edge of the nature reserve. He significantly contributed to the improvement of Terešov and the local forests.

Terešov Forest District


Forest Section 01 Terešov

Forester: Ing. Tomáš Vileta

Mobile: +420 602 641 503


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