Forest District Manager: Ing. Zdeněk Mrázek
Address: Holoubkov 51, 338 01 Holoubkov
Phone: +420 371 751 158 

Mobile: +420 777 289 017

The Trhoň Forest District covers an area of 4,177 hectares and it is located northeast of Rokycany. The municipalities and towns of Volduchy, Těškov, Mýto, Kařez, Jivina, Olešná, Strašice, Dobřív, Hůrky and Svojkovice are located along the borders of the district.

The altitude of the district ranges from 400 meters (Svojkovice) to 624 meters (Trhoň).

Most of the managed forests contain spruce and the trees are in a good growth condition except for those trees located in areas with gley-type soils.

The district also still suffers from the tree losses caused by the Lymantria monacha (black arches) moth infestation of the 1920s, which led to an uneven age distribution of the trees. The district also suffers from an uneven logging pattern, which remains predominant in terms of total logging volumes. An absolute necessity is the introduction of a greater diversification of tree species (30-35%) in order to stabilize the forests.

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Persons responsible for the individual forestry sections:

LÚ 01 Holoubkov
Forester: Hynek Beneš
Mobile: +420 732 828 131

LÚ 02 Hůrky
Forester: Jakub Dyk
Mobile: +420 728 255 275

LÚ 03 Bébrovna
Forester: Bc. Lukáš Butor
Mobile: +420 725 501 324

LÚ 04 Olešná
Forester: Miloš Herman
Mobile: +420 724 262 729


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