Forest District Manager: Karel Vajs
Address: Polesí Svatá Anna 300, 263 01 Dobříš
Phone: +420 318 521 184
Mobile: +420 724 364 471

The name of this forest district is derived from that of the historic "U Svaté Anny” chapel [Church of St. Anne], which is located along the road connecting Dobříš with Rosovice and close to the forest district’s head office.

The Svatá Anna Forest District is geographically separated from the major part of the company’s forest holdings in the Zbiroh area. Most of the district is located northwest of the town of Dobříš and is included as part of the vast forested area of the Brdy Hills. The district also includes forested areas abutting the English Park of Dobříš Castle. In a southeasterly direction, the district extends as far as the village of Kozí Hory near Nový Knín.

The total area of the district is almost 4,500 hectares with some additional small areas yet to be returned as part of the post-communist land restitution process, which only started for these Dobříš area landholdings in 2003. Most of the forest district is located in the land registry (cadastral) office area of the town Dobříš and the municipalities of Rosovice, Buková, Kozí Hory and Stará Huť. The highest points in the district are the tops of the hills named Studený Vrch (660 meters), Hradec (648 meters)and Roudný (637 meters).

Most of the district is part of the Czech Natural Forest Area 7 - Brdy Highlands, with a smaller part belonging to Area 10 - Central Bohemian Upland. Most of the trees in the forest are same-age spruce with a forestry supported natural tree renewal process. For the most part, these forests were established after the calamitous Lymantria monacha (black arches) moth infestation of the 1920s. Additional forest management goals include additional species diversification to provide for greater stability of the forest. Currently only about 20% of the Svatá Anna Forest District includes deciduous trees. At some of the higher altitudes of the forest, you can see the beautiful deciduous, predominantly beech, forest which is protected as part of the Hradec Nature Reserve with its old growth native vegetation. In the lower parts of the forest, the deciduous trees are mostly oak and hornbeam.

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Persons responsible for the individual forestry sections:

LÚ 01 Jelení Palouky
Forester: Jiří Hejduk
Phone: +420 311 583 003
Mob.: +420 724 255 865

LÚ 02 Buková
Forester: Václav Procházka
Phone: +420 318 586 358
Mob.:+420 724 259 516

LÚ 03 Baba
Forester: Ing. Martin Zelenka
Mobile: +420 732 105 667


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