Department Head: Jindřich Kučina
Mobile: +420 702 176 203
Address: Sádky Dobříš, ul. Partyzána Svobody 17, 263 01 Dobříš

The Dobříš Pond Management Center (Dobříš Fish Hatchery) manages a pond area of 101 hectares, which includes 7 ponds.

The largest pond of these Dobříš ponds is in Starohuťský (with an area of 38 hectares).

In terms of naturally protected areas, Dobříš ponds are included in the Pařezitý Nature Reserve.

The Dobříš pond management center produces from 500-600 metric tons of fish annually – with carp being the majority of this production, along with secondary fish such as grass carp, pike, catfish, tench and white fish. Part of this production goes to markets abroad, and the remaining portion is used for stocking open waters, and sold to customers for direct consumption.

Live fish can be purchased – primarily in the fall during the fish harvest season – or, in the newly opened store at the Dobříš Fish Hatchery. After the reconstruction of the water discharge (outlet) equipment at the Papež Pond.


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