Department Head: Radek Jandera
Address: Sádky Zbiroh, 338 08 Zbiroh
Phone: +420 371 794 103 
 / Mobile: +420 606 289 018

The Zbiroh Pond Management Center (Zbiroh Fish Hatchery) oversees an area of 238 hectares, which includes 25 ponds located between Rokycany and Žebrák Castle. The largest of these is the Štěpánský Pond nearby Rokycany, which covers 52 hectares and hold roughly 1.3 mil. m3 of water.

The next largest is the Čekovský Pond, which covers 44 hectares, followed by the Kařez Dolní Pond, which covers 37 hectares. Some of the managed ponds are situated in specially protected areas, for example, the Kařez Pond System, which covers a total of 60 hectares, is in a protected natural monument site and the Labutinka Pond is in a NATURA 2000 site (which means a “Site of Community Importance” (SCI)).

Total production ranges from 1,000 – 1,200 metric tons of fresh fish, of which about 97% is carp and 3% percent other types of secondary fish (such as grass carp, pike, perch, whitefish, tench and catfish). Two-thirds of the company’s production is exported to foreign markets – primarily Germany, France, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. The remaining 1/3 is sold on the domestic market, either for direct consumption by customers or fish stocking of ponds and watercourses.

The center also sells live fish directly to the public and, during the harvesting of pond fish which, in particular, takes place in the autumn, fish may be directly purchased at the respective pond harvest sites.

There are also ponds and watercourses managed by the Zbiroh Pond Management Center (Zbiroh Fish Hatchery, where sports fishing is allowed. The respective required permits can be purchased at the hatchery.

Opening hours:
Mon. – Fri.       1:00PM – 2:00PM


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